MLB Catcher | Tuffy Gosewisch

One of the most influential and integral positions in the game is the catcher. In this episode you get to hear about the player and journeyman that didn’t have the ‘paved road’ all the way to the show. Tuffy’s road is what you would expect out of most players going into pro ball, the absolute grind.  Multiple farm-systems, cities, bus rides, experiences, teammates, and coaches that have all lead to one destination….THE SHOW!

Through perseverance, grit, and good old fashioned hard work and belief, Tuffy turned what was once a dream into his reality.  His love for the game has never wavered one bit, and that is why he not only is such a great catcher, but amazing teammate, and person as well. In this episode, Tuffy will share his story, along with the fundamentals, mindset, and approach to catching. He breaks down the role of a catcher, defensive drills, off-season training, and much more!


Former MLB Centerfielder | Jerry Owens

Former MLB outfielder with Chicago White Sox, turned coach with the Cleveland Indians, Jerry Owens joins us to share everything he’s experienced and learned both as a player and now coach, in his 19+ year career.  JO starts off with the role and responsibilities of a centerfielder. He explains the mentality and preparation required to develop your tools in the outfield and become an elite defender. We discuss becoming a student of the game through studying your opponent, and communication with your outfielders and infielders being vital in working together as one cohesive unit. Next JO talks in great detail about drills and tips for outfielders to do on a daily and weekly basis. These drills he discusses cover everything from; first step, fly ball and ground ball routes, quick release, playing balls off the wall, and pregame.

Additionally Jerry shares with us what the off-season focus should be for a centerfielder, and what skills and attributes coaches are looking for in todays centerfielder.