Areas the manual is designed to improve…

  • Strengthen Your Decelerators

  • Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff

  • Flexor & Extensor Stabilization

  • Increase Your Shoulder Stability

  • Increase Your Range of Motion

  • 30+ Movements & Exercises

  • PLUS Added Video Tutorials!

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“After my shoulder surgery, I used the Arm Care Manual to get me back on track where I was before my injury. There are so many different functional exercises to choose from that it never gets old. I really enjoy how easy the manual is to follow. Within a few weeks my arm began feeling much better, pain free, better mobility, and stronger.”

Matt Thompson | HIU Baseball

“I’ve been using this program as part of my routine for three years now and have noticed a significant difference in the durability of my arm day and day out.I highly recommend this arm care manual to any player looking to keep their arm healthy year around!”

Marc Lidd | Arizona State Baseball

“I’ve been working with Danny for over 7 years now and his programs are on point with helping me achieve my goals over that period of time.The arm care manual is no joke, it’s all about the time and effort you put in.I have been able to maintain a healthy arm since high school with the help of this well constructed manual.”

Hank Schineller | Saddleback Baseball


The Arm Care Manual is something for you to carry with you throughout the year wherever you go. No matter your age or skill level, this manual will give you the tools needed to keep your arm strong AND healthy! The movements in this program are easy to execute and perform with video tutorials to go with each move.


“For any ballplayer looking to strengthen their arm, first and foremost is arm health. As ball players you cannot realistically have a ‘strong arm’ without proper care throughout the year on it. Your arm needs the proper ‘prehab’ movements to stay healthy year-around. The Arm Care Manual is a platform for you to learn WHAT and HOW to take care of your arm from a foundational standpoint. By implementing these movements on a weekly basis, you will not only increase your arm strength, but more importantly maintain a healthier arm.”

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As a ballplayer, the sooner you begin working on what makes the difference, the quicker you get ahead of your competition. When it comes to taking care of your arm, that is first and foremost. There aren’t many DH’s in the game, so if your arm is constantly bothering you, or your always battling injuries, then you’ve already lost the battle. Right now is the perfect time to take your career into your own hands and get yourself a copy of the Arm Care Manual.

: Includes complete video tutorial library!

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