three pillars of outfield

Outfield training consists of a multitude of drills, and exercises to learn and understand how and what it takes to become an elite outfielder. There are many different parts to playing outfield that require 

route running

  • Younger players looking to learn the approach of playing outfield
  • Basic fundamentals and foundation building
  • Situational fielding and throwing understanding


  • Develop general understanding of outfield play
  • Learn mechanics of fielding & throwing 
  • Footwork, route running, and positioning
  • Understanding of outfield communication


  • Advanced techniques & drills
  • Breakdown of situational positioning & fielding
  • Learn how to maximize arm strength
  • Coaching for all 3 outfield positions to become for valuable
  • Understand and learn how to play balls off the walls

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outfield overview

With our outfield training programs, you will learn everything from the basic fundamentals and foundation building, to advanced techniques and planning that goes into being an elite outfielder.  
Depending on your level of experience, we will breakdown what your goals, strengths, and weaknesses are bye developing a gameplay that you can implement immediately.  Most importantly, we will develop a blueprint for success.  Each week you will have check-in calls to help you along the way. 
Each outfield training program is specialized and specific to meet every players individual needs.  With consistent support, we will get you on the fast track to reaching your defensive goals. 
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