strength training

Baseball specific programs that are designed to give you that strength on the field you need. You will become more explosive and stronger to perform at your highest level. Three different programs are available based on your experience and overall comfort. Each program is structured to be 4 weeks long with monthly assesment check-in calls to ensure progression. Programs come with 24/7 support and feedback from me so you don’t feel ‘stuck’! For any movement(s) you are not comfortable with, I will modify them to fit your needs. 

**All Strength Training programs are monthly subscriptions. Keep in mind, in order to properly develop physically, strength training is a year-around process with different phases based off high and low season of playing.

why strength training?


With specific muscle activation and isolation movements, you will begin to develop the proper lower body strength & stability needed to be agile and coordinated on the field. 


Through our programs, you will learn how to apply the strength you’ve built and transfer that into explosiveness in every movement. 


Overall strength throughout your entire body is essential for maximum power output when it’s time to perform. Specific compound movements are essential for building and developing massive power.